ESMERA - SOCE Preproposal

Submission deadline 2019-11-08 17:59:51 (UTC)

The Second Open Call for ESMERA Experiments

This template is for pre-proposal submission in response to the Secon Open Call for ESMERA Experiments (ESMERA-SOCE).

The pre-proposal should summarize the aims of the proposed project describing how it would solve the ESMERA-SOCE challenges described in

The pre-proposal must be submitted:

  • A single PDF file written in English, 

  • before 08.11.2019

The pre-proposal should not exceed 1 page (font Times New Roman 11pt, line spacing single, paragraph spacing 6pt before and after, A4 page size, Top & Bottom margins 1.5, Left & Right margins 2.5).

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